TeenzTalk is created by teenagers.  The site is solely written by and maintained by teens. Therefore we know what teens talk about and what they want to see.  Below you will meet our creators and critics.  We don't promote hatred, racism, or negativity.  We just write about what we think are on teen minds today!  Check with us often, we are constantly updating our site with information that is relevant to teen life. Bookmark Teenztalk for easy access in the future!

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Tory Hayden - Creator/Owner

Hi Everyone. My name is Tory Hayden and I am the owner of the site TeenzTalk. Teenztalk was created as a resource for teenagers and young adults. The site covers a variety of topics with teenagers and young adults in mind.

Feel free to browse the site for educational information, social issues, teen jobs, or teen health concerns. We try to cover most issues that involve teens, if you don't see something included that you would like to see... contact us, and we are happy to try and cover the topic. Thanks for stopping by.. and happy surfing!

Crystal Turner - Technical Editor

I am the "behind the scenes" technical editor, and part-time movie critic. As with Tory, our goal is provide insightful information that is relevant to young adults, in an easy to use resource guide.

We are always looking for interesting information to include, so contact us if you want to see something that is not already included.