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Go To the Drive In !!!!

Review by Tory Hayden

Tyler Perry does it again! If you want to laugh, this is the movie! Yes, it may seem repetitive of Diary of a Mad Black Woman, or Madea's Family Reunion - but, who cares?

Tyler Perry delivers with all the hilarity we expect from Madea. It touches our funny bone and our sensitive side, a great combination for a great movie.

Rated PG-13 - Adult situations/themes

Review by Tory Hayden

Well I will admit it's got a pretty good cast - Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, and Drew Barrymore. And I will admit I did chuckle a couple of times. And I will admit it's more of a chick flick. Did I like it? It was ah-ight. The endings seemed a little fairytale-ish, but then that's Hollywood for you.

Rated PG-13 - Adult situations/themes

Review by Crystal Turner

Mildly entertaining - sometimes just plain silly. Won't win an Academy Award, but don't think it sets out to. Fun to see with girlfriends, on a Saturday afternoon - leave the men home for this one.


Rated - PG - All audiences

Review by Crystal Turner

Normally a big fan of Tyler Perry, but this one fell a little short. Also a fan of Angela Bassett, but she seemed too old to play the part of the mother. Some humorous moments, but jokes heard over and over. Not a definite must see, but alright.

Rated PG-13 - Sexual innuendo, language


Review by Tory Hayden

Okay, call me a sap - I loved, loved, loved this movie. Again another chick flick, but what's wrong with that. The musical score we exhilarating, the dancing upbeat, and the story line was charming. Meryl Streep is great as the sort of throw back from the 70's mom! I had so much energy after watching this. Definitely one for my DVD collection.

Rated PG13 - Not sure why - found nothing offensive with this movie

Review by Tory Hayden

Shia Lebeouf - ummm, yum! This was an action packed, twist and turn, high tech adventure. Lots of action, lots of special effects, and lots of Shia. This would be a great date movie, as it appeals to both sexes. Shia for the ladies, action for the gentlemen. Will it win an Academy Award? Probably not, but still worth the price of admission.

Rated PG-13 - Violence

Review by Crystal Turner

Disney pulls it off again!  Exceptional movie, with a message of hopes and dreams realized.  Mark Wahlberg plays the part of Vince Papale to a tee.  Movie about football?  Sure.  Movie about life?  Absolutely.

This is one of those movies that: 1.) You wish was longer, and 2.) makes you smile when you leave the theater, and 3.) stays with you long after you've eaten that last kernel of buttered popcorn!

Rated PG - Not sure why, nothing particularly "offensive" !

Review by Crystal Turner

Thought provoking mystery regarding the Holy Grail.  I can see how many religious zealots might be upset with the content of the movie, I just saw it as a great mystery.  Tom Hanks was excellent, and the twists and turns of the plot kept me guessing all the time.  The character of the psychopathic albino monk totally creeped me out !

Rated PG-13 - Disturbing images, some nudity, violence, and some sexual content.

Review by Tory Hayden

Loved it!  Although this movie might not be for younger teens.  The subject content is a little mature, and some of the language a little raw. But the music is awesome, and some of the actors stand out more than others.  I particularly like Rosario Dawson's role as Mimi.  Something so vulnerable about her role.  It's basically a movie about LIVING.  You won't be disappointed!

Rated PG-13 - Language, mature content