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Being a Senior and What that Involves
by Tory Hayden - Creator of Teenztalk

My senior year of college is finally here!  I honestly can't believe that in a few short months I will have complete my bachelors degree.  It's been hard work, but I now understand what my parents meant when they said it will be worth it.  Some may think what's the big deal? Well if I am honest with myself I was not the most diligent student in high school. I made okay grades, a B student, but I was the epitomy of the phrase "She is so bright, but doesn't always apply herself".

College without a doubt is much harder than high school  There is no one there to say "Do your homework - study for your test".  So I like many college students had to learn how to balance my school work, club responsibilities, softball practice (yes, I play college softball), and the ever so important great social activities that emcompass college life. I probably didn't get real good at this until my junior year.

If a graduating high school senior asked me - how can I be successful in college? My advice would be,  learn your limits, remember about moderation, and most importantly - prioritize your schedule.  Decide what is most important and do that first.  And no, that party is not the most important!  Don't get me wrong I think experiencing the famed college parties is a must at some point - but it is not the reason you go to college!

Anyway, I will write more as my year progresses - gotta get to that Business Statistics homework!

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